Friday, June 3, 2011

Dr Oz Show - How Many Times Should You Pee Every Day?

Dr Oz Show - How Many Times Should You Pee Every Day?.
Dr Oz Renal system Infections

Dr Oz of faced the problem of how often should you pee every day? After women turn 40, it appears as though they have to go inside your. How much is too much? And what are Increased Urination Causes? How do you know when your repeated urination is a sign of something more serious? Doctor Oz’s assistant-of-the-day, Rae from seat 151, is a abdomen dancer… so we also got a chance to see a little demonstration of belly dancing techniques!

Dr Oz: How frequently Should You Pee?

Medical doctor Oz asked Rae how often she pees, and she stated about 10 times every day. He said 4-8 times a day or less is ok, but if you urine over 10 times a day, Dr Oz How often Should You Pee A Daythat could be a problem. And absolutely if you are peeing above 2 liters of pee a day, that is a concern.

Where does all of this urine come from? Dr Oz said that as blood vessels passes through your current kidneys, they get rid of the toxins and drive them down into your current urine that would go to your bladder for you to pee out. Here a few foods that make you must pee more often:

Medical professional Oz: Foods That will make You Pee

Dr Oz said that Caffeinated Liquids like soda, green tea extract and coffee all cause you to be have to pee often. Citrus Fruits like lemons and lemons make you go more often also, which is why they are used within detox programs. The truth is, Rae said that she will a detox where she starts off daily by drinking the glass of water with lemon juice. Doctor Ounces said that this encourages your urinary area to go more often and flushes and detoxifies your system. The final meals that makes you have to pee is tomato products. So if you are urinating over 10 times a day, you may consider eliminating these foods out of your diet.

Dr Oz: Diabetes Makes You Urine

Doctor Oz stated another cause of recurrent urination is Diabetic issues. When you have high blood sugars in your body, the elimination has to get rid of the extra sugar by eliminating it out with drinking water from in your body. The truth is, in medical school they are often told to taste or smell pee because it will scent and taste nice if a person has All forms of diabetes.

Dr Oz: Renal system Infections Make You Urinate

Dr Oz explained one final cause of frequent urination is Kidney Infections. If you have bacterias that goes up via your Ureter and goes into your Kidney, then you can get a Bladder Contamination that turns into a Kidney Infection. And Kidney Infections are dangerous and can even cause Elimination Failure or death. Here are some Kidney Disease Symptoms to keep an eye out for:

Dr Oz: Kidney Infection Signs

1. Bloody or Cloudy Urine

2. Temperature

3. Back Pain

4. Frequent Urination

Dr Oz said that when you have a Kidney Contamination, it has to be helped by antibiotics, so view a doctor right away.